About Taste of Health


“Taste of Health” is an annual community event and an ongoing online experience to explore your relationship to food through healthy gourmet recipes and tastings; learning how food and nutrition can inspire greater life balance; dynamic talks and cooking demonstrations; having fun with food comedy improv; and more! 


Our proceeds benefit Grass Lake Sanctuary (GLS), a non-profit Health & Wellness Retreat Sanctuary in Manchester, MI. GLS’ innovative retreat programs focus on nature, relationship building, creativity from the heart, foods for health, de-stressing and rejuvenation. 


As an extended arm of GLS, our mission is to help bring together, support and educate the community on the transformative effects food can have on our well-being and to demonstrate that healthy food can taste good, too! 


In addition to our annual event, Taste of Health supports the community throughout the year with cooking classes, educational booths at local farmer's markets, a social media presence and the summer Women's Wellness Retreats for Breast Cancer Survivors at GLS.


To learn more about Grass Lake Sanctuary, visit GrassLakeSanctuary.org

Grass Lake Sanctuary

Taste of Health

 Let Food Transform How You Feel!


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